ABOUT Ameera

Ameera Almousa

Ameera successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and then, like a good daughter, joined the ranks of married women. Her life moved on as expected, but soon, reality struck. She began to believe that she must have a higher calling than just getting married and having children. With one child afflicted with ADHD, she enrolled in some courses to help her child cope with the injustices of life. This triggered a burning desire to achieve more. She was induced to do some soul searching to identify her real purpose on earth.

To pursue her quest, she enrolled in seminars, attended workshops and became an avid reader on many subjects related to her field of interest, primarily life-coaching and mentoring adolescents so they could withstand and overcome the pressures of their time.

To acquire knowledge and inspiration from experts in her field, Ameera travelled the world and finally realized her true calling – to guide adolescents through her writing. After many years of experience, Ameera is now releasing her first book. Modeled on a trip to the circus, the book provides invaluable tools, guidelines and tutorials on life lessons for both, the young and the old.