How to be Happy

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how to be happy

How to be Happy

Happiness. What does this term mean to you? Is it just a feeling or emotion you can achieve after doing something in particular? Or is it something which can’t be expressed through words, but can only be felt? It can be tough to figure out what does happiness means to every individual, but there is at least one thing in common. We all want to be happy. We all want happiness in our lives and figuring out the key to happiness can be really hard at times. Some people are able to stay happy just because they have a loving family and they live free from stress and everything. There may be some people who are struggling to find happiness through money, success and finding the love of their life. Since you are most likely to start a family after meeting the love of your life, so having a loving family and meeting the love of your life are entirely two different things.

Here, we will talk about the possible ways of becoming happier and also the myths we know about becoming happy in our lives. By the end of this informative blog post, all of the misunderstandings and conceptions will be cleared.

There can certainly be multiple ways to be happy. There isn’t any specific path that you have to follow to achieve happiness in your life. The reason behind stating this is the fact that everyone finds happiness in different things. You can’t ask everyone to meditate and keep their mind clear to keep themselves happy and healthy. Neither can you go out there and tell everyone to get a good paying job, get a big house and be rich and happy at the same time. Things don’t work like that, as mentioned earlier in this post.

Key to Happiness

Why do people’s opinions differ when it comes to defining happiness? Since birth, we have been taught to think about everything in three different ways. The first way is willing to want something. We have been told that if you want something, you need to work hard for it. Work hard enough for it to achieve it and you will be happy. It is usually the materialistic object such as wanting to buy a bigger Television, the latest Smartphone or merely a promotion in your office. If you think about any major purchase you have made in the past, you have done it because you wanted it. Fulfilling that want led to you becoming happy about it. When you’re done making that major purchase and feeling temporarily happy, you’re now back at your original level of emotions with less amount of money. Now you’re on the hunt again to find something that will make you happy again, but for a very limited amount of time. That is one of the many ways to be happy, but it is a fact that fulfilling your want will guarantee your happiness. It won’t work that way.

The second way we react to everything is by rejecting. For instance, waking up in the morning and saying “It is so cold, I don’t want to leave my bed!” or we reject other people as well by saying they are awkward, not funny or cool to hang out with. At times, we even reject ourselves by saying that we are not physically fit or appealing to others. We need to change things in our lives and all. It is quite safe to say that this is not a source of happiness either. It is filled with rejection and rejection often leads to negativity.

The third way we react to things is by zoning out. We react this way when we are assigned a completely boring task. Those boring tasks can be waiting at the Doctor’s clinic for your appointment or commuting to work. In such situations, we put a sort of black and white filter in front of our eyes and everything starts to become hazy. We lose ourselves either back in the past or in some deep thoughts which could be of anything. Needless to say, this is not the way to find true happiness either. These three ways, in particular, are the ones almost 99% of the people react to everything throughout their everyday routine. Now, it becomes a lot easier to understand why most of us tend to remain unhappy at all times. It is all due to the three ways we react to almost everything in our life for almost every single day of the week.

The objective here should not only be to finding ways to be happy or the key to happiness. We should rather focus on finding true happiness which is inner happiness. It can be a really tricky question when someone would ask how to find that inner happiness but trust me, it is not that difficult at all. After we have discussed the three unhealthy ways of reacting to everything, we come down to the hidden one, the fourth reaction. The fourth reaction is Mindfulness and it appears to us like once in a blue moon! Mindfulness is the complete opposite of zoning out and we react in this way when we experience something for the first time. For instance, when one of you first visited the Grand Canyon or went to Disneyland. That feeling when you had, it was mindfulness. You were completely into that feeling. You were hyper-aware of everything which was right in front of you. It wasn’t your “Want” or your “Rejection” or “Zoning Out”. Do you know what does that equal to? Happiness. That is where the way of finding true happiness. You have actually found figured out the way of finding happiness within yourself.

This statement may sound slightly contradictory to you, but the only way to become more mindful is through meditation. Why is this important? Mindfulness leads to happiness, as explained above. This is a true way of finding happiness within yourself. There may be few people out there who are not at all willing to meditate in the first place. They find it pointless to sit around and do nothing for ten or twenty minutes. I understand, it can be difficult to understand the true essence of meditation, but when you understand the importance, it all starts to make sense. There are over hundreds of thousands of scientifically proven evidence backing up the claims that meditation is the only way to becoming more mindful. The more mindful you are, the happier you can be. After all, your objective is only about finding happiness within yourself.

If you have been spending days, weeks and even months searching for the answer of the most historic question “How to be Happy?” then, you may look no further. I can guarantee you that this is the most genuine way of becoming happier. Happiness equals to mindfulness. The only way to achieve mindfulness is through meditation only. You need to let this sink in, conduct a little research and study on this particular topic. Learn the importance of meditation, how you can meditate and why is meditating healthy for you. The number of benefits it has to offer is most likely to shock every single person who didn’t believe in meditation before. Start to search, read, learn and understand. It will turn out to be really beneficial for you just like this blog post. You need to look after yourself, do it for the sake of yourself.

Before concluding, I would like to state that even though you have had a very depressive phase in your life. Or if you have encountered an incident which was terrifying enough to snatch away the charm of happiness from your life. Always remember that it is never too late to start over, never too late to bounce back. Regardless of how devastating something may have been for you. You can always break yourself out from that. You can always improve your condition, after a while. Initially, you may feel like as if the whole world has ended for you if your relationship had ended. You may also experience severe depression among the demise of a beloved one, but let me tell you. Everything is a part of life. This is how everyone’s life is meant to be. If there are no problems or sadness or depression, there won’t be any motivation to strive for happiness in life. Everything would seem so perfect, but due to no change in the emotions, life would feel meaningless to us. It is best recommended to let the pain flow, embrace the change and charge yourself forward. Surely it is going to be a slightly rough patch for you, but everything will be totally worth it in the end. This is the point of struggling and going through hardship only for the sake of your own happiness. It won’t put an impact on anybody else, but your life. You will be thankful to yourself for doing it, for putting yourself through the struggle.


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