How to be yourself

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be yourself

How to be yourself

We have previously talked about how to be successful in life and it proved to be one of the most useful blogs for many people looking for ways to be successful. We made it quite evident in that blog that there is no certain pattern towards success, yet it can be attained if several factors are taken care of. Out of those several factors is learning how to be yourself.

Now, you may be wondering, what is the importance of being yourself? Allow me to answer that question before we begin with the discussion of the main topic. When someone says “be yourself”, they often refer to the uniqueness that every individual possesses. Consider it as a trait you had since birth and nobody can take it away from you. Also, this certain uniqueness is one of the greatest qualities found in successful people. So, if you’re thinking that your uniqueness can somehow lead you toward being successful, then you are certainly right. There seems to be no doubt in that.

However, it is not easy being yourself. Do you want to know why? The answer is quite simple. It is in human nature that we always adore the people who are successful and have achieved big things in life. Well, there seems nothing wrong with it, right? It is alright to admire someone who has struggled their way to the top and have achieved something big in life. The thing we need to look out for is copying them. I wouldn’t say a lot of people, but almost everyone tends to copy the successful people they have been influenced by. We tend to copy their habits, their success pattern, everything there is which can be copied. This is completely wrong, no debate.

All of us need to clearly understand that success doesn’t come by copying someone’s habits or their pattern of work. We all are molded to be unique. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. If someone is really good at working really hard and accomplishing their every task within the given deadline. There can be someone out there who is unable to meet their deadlines, but they still manage everything smoothly. You need to look into yourself and try to figure out what you’re good at. I’m assuming that by this time, you have already realized your strengths and weaknesses, but if you still haven’t figured them out, now is the time to do it.

Realize what you are capable of and improvise that. Work on that strength of yours to be a much better version of yourself. This is going to be helpful only for you, nobody else. If you won’t be copying somebody else, there are far more chances of success because you will come up with your plans and strategies to be successful which haven’t been implemented before. Above all, you will make new mistakes from which you can learn a lot about the future. Following the pattern of somebody else might lead you into a bottomless pit if you are unable to find a feasible solution. Moving on with the discussion, let’s talk about how one can become their actual self.

Get in touch with your Inner Child

This may seem either a little humorous or immature at this point since we are talking about success, not playtime. Getting in touch with your inner child is as important as meditation to release stress from your mind. Why you may ask? The inner child in every person has a lot more creativity than they usually do in their adulthood. Their inner child is willing to try out new, creative yet silly things to achieve the goals in their lives. It is not any farther from the truth that you do need to try out one of the weirdest things ever just for the sake of being successful. The things which seem stupid or dumb at the beginning are actually one of the main ingredients behind your success. You need to trust yourself, be yourself and work for yourself. Why? Because you want to be successful for yourself only, nobody else.

You might have even heard the quote that goes like “When people started calling you insane, just know that you are going in the right direction”. This clearly means that those strategies and planning that seems funny or stupid to others, might work out just fine for you. Always remember, you don’t have to worry about what other people will think. If something is working out just fine for you, keep on doing it for the sake of being successful. You are not answerable to anyone. Try out different things, experiment a little. You should not be afraid of failure as well.

The problem I have seen with many people is that failure works as a motivation drainer for them. If they have many hopes and ambitions about something which will work just fine, they will lose all of their hope at once if the plan doesn’t work instantly. I recommend using failure as a learning process. I know, many people must have told you that we all learn from failures, but that is not the only thing I’m emphasizing on. Learning from failures, adopting the newly learned things and implementing them to avoid failing again in the future is the correct way to go. You need to learn how to avoid repeating those mistakes in the future. It will not only save you time but also keep you motivated in the long run. If you want to look at failure as a motivating factor, try to understand this. In order to be successful, we need experience. To gain experience, we can either win or fail, that varies. If you fail, that is a bad experience, but it is still counted as the experience you just gained. Use that experience, sum it up and march towards success fiercely.

Your Time is Limited, so don’t Waste in Living Someone Else’s Life

I know, we have just talked about this factor a couple of paragraphs above. However, I do want you to focus on being unique at all times. You need to understand that there is a fine thin line between being “Inspired” and “Copying” someone. Don’t get it twisted like other people. When you are inspired by someone, you tend to admire the person and their work in general. This sparks the motivation within yourself to achieve something in life too, maybe just like them. When I saw “maybe just like them”, this is where most of the people get confused.

Being just like the person who inspired you means being as consistent as they are, being as motivated and hyped up about something as they are. It does not at all mean to do exactly what your role model is doing. If they are consuming junk food in large quantity, ruining their health over financial success. You are not supposed to follow the exact same pattern. Seek only inspiration, do the rest on your own. Come up with something different to make success inevitable.

Follow your Own Rule

Come up with your own set of rules. Cut off anything which is either wasting your time or draining your energy. You do not need that type of negativity in your life. It is bad for you and your success. Furthermore, the set of rules needs to have everything that makes you progress a little more towards your goal each day. It may require you to change your routine a little bit and organize everything at once. The change in your routine may require you to add a few activities that will only help you become better. You can also prohibit any factor which is serving as a hurdle in your road to success. For instance, cut down any extra expenses you have. Save up, you need to have funds stored in your hour of need. You can even invest your saved up investment to create multiple sources of income to have financial stability. Because let’s face it, we all encounter crisis in our lives, they tend to make us depressed and a victim of severe anxiety. All of it can be easily avoided if you are prepared to face the storm that wipes out half of your hard work. The storm that puts you through difficult times to pass.

Beauty Begins the Moment you decide to be yourself

Once again, the factor of being unique. It is as important as any other foundation step of the process of success. Consider it as the essence of success if you are having a hard time digesting this fact. In other words, you can’t attain success without being yourself in the first place. It is the first building block you put to start working on the plan afterward. You simply cannot skip this step at all. If you are going to copy somebody else, you might achieve temporary success. The chances are quite minimum, but even if you do achieve temporary success, it will fade away in a single snap.

Just be yourself, there is no one Better

The reason behind emphasizing on being yourself so much is that you all need to realize that there is no one better out there. Whatever you are doing to achieve something, you are doing it in a certain unique way and nobody else can do it any better than you are doing. Don’t worry if they are too good at something or if they are a few steps ahead of you in terms of success. You do not need anything to compare to. This is not a competition. It is your own journey and only you can handle it the best. There isn’t much left to say except, believe in yourself and always be yourself. You will achieve what you have once dreamed about, don’t worry.

Never Dull your Shine for Somebody Else

Do you know that you are a star that shines really bright when it is close to success? I can bet nobody has told you this before. You are a star that is destined to be an epitome of success. There is no exception and there is no denying in that either. Now, you may encounter some people in your life who will try to pull you down. This act may be a result of jealousy or any other factor. As a matter of fact, it is quite impossible to tell why people drag each other down instead of letting them grow and become big. There is no solid reasoning behind it except jealousy.

However, you should not let this negative act ever dull your shine. You need to keep shining like you always have been shining before. Despite all the negativity and criticism along the way, you don’t need to stop or dull your shine. You are likely to encounter many negative people, but it is up to you how you are going to deal with them. How less vulnerable you will become to their criticism and taunts. As you will learn gradually, you will continue to shine brightly. Soon, you will attain success.

To conclude the whole scenario, just keep a few things in mind. You can’t copy someone to become successful. You can only seek inspiration from them. There is a major difference between being inspired and copying somebody. Copying someone will either make you fail terribly or give you temporary success before you lose again and all of the hope goes away for good. So, go after being unique. Develop your own blueprint, work on that plan of yours. Implement any silly or stupid idea that you have. Don’t worry about what others think, it should not affect you since it is not their concern? Take notes, success for you is inevitable. You are destined to achieve it and no one can ever stop you from it. Sure, there may be temporary hurdles along the way which might slow you down or take you a few steps backward, but you can keep pushing hard and keep moving forward.

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